Peonies at the Farm

I drove to Dallas this week to make a video with my brother. I had done this a year ago when I was in the process for bishop of Connecticut, and it wasn’t any easier the second time, but it was affirming to see how much I had grown and changed in a year’s time. I was answering questions about my call to ministry, and I am much clearer and more centered about who I am called to be–with the best two words to describe it as missionary and deacon.

My brother makes films for a living, but he’s been making videos of my family for about 40 years. He’s an Episcopalian, too, and so we had some very good conversation about the questions and answers.
The bonus was driving another hour or so north to spend a few days at my mother’s on her farm in Chambersville–land that has been in the family for over 150 years (a long time by Texas standards). She’s so far out of town that she only has dial up internet, so we had to drive into town to Starbuck’s to find a place for me to send some emails. This was a new adventure for her.
Then we had a very good time together. We gardened and cooked and laughed. She worked on the quilt she’s making for her great-grandson, Austin Jack, due in July, while I knitted away on my grandson, Austin Jack’s, baby blanket. Firsts (great grand and grand) for each of us! I’ll be going to Portland in June for his baby shower.
We were also basking in the news that my daughter has a very good book deal for a cookbook based on her blog–it will contain her fabulous photography, her delicious recipes, and great stories. It’s a very fine moment in a mom’s life when both children are doing very well.
To top everything off–the peonies were blooming at my mother’s. I drove back to Houston with my car full of their fabulous smell.

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