Waiting waiting waiting

Austin Jack was due last Wednesday or last Friday–the doctor gave Jacob and Lisa both dates. Whatever the case, he’s still loving it inside his mom. So we’re waiting.

Next Saturday, the synod in Springfield will decide which four of us continue in the process for Bishop. So I’m waiting.

Meanwhile, in three weeks, we’ll celebrate 25 years of being St. Mary’s, Cypress, Texas. It hit me–I’ve been rector for half of St. Mary’s existence. Who would have ever thought?
I remember the Sunday at St. Cuthbert (where I was a member then) when a group of folks left to go help start St. Mary’s. I actually have a notation somewhere in my Bible, next to whatever Scripture we were reading that day: The Departure.
Twenty five years ago! I was so sure I knew what God’s will and God’s way was. Strangely, God’s point of view lined up pretty nicely with mine. Talk about creating God in my own image!
Twenty five years from now, God willing there will be another 25 years, what will I look back at and smile at my foolishness? Isn’t God’s patience wonderful?

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