60 Years of Blessings

If truth be told, I am not thrilled about turning 60, even if my daughter Lisa says that 60 is the new 40. Many of my friends are already retired or counting the years, if not the months.

Not me. I plan to work at least another dozen years full time. I’m in great health, and I feel that I have lots left to do. My father worked as a clinical psychologist into his 80’s, and my mother, at 85, lives on her own in the country.

If there’s one life lesson that God does not let me forget, it’s that the best way to get out of the doldrums is to do something nice for someone else. So on my vacation the first week of September, I began the 60 star project.
I’m knitting 60 stars from yarn in my stash. As I knit, I’m pondering the many people who have changed my life, blessed my life, taught me and loved me, mentored me and mirrored Christ for me. As I knit, I’m praying about which 60 people in my life will get stars from me in my 60th year. I’m aware that many of those who have touched my life the most are no longer around. How will I let acknowledge their influence in my life? What if I think of more than 60 people? Well, what a great problem that would be…..I’ll simply knit more stars.
My birthday is less than a week away. So while I wait, I’m knitting.

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