For the Election of a Bishop Suffragan for the Diocese of Texas

I am in the midst of the election process for bishop suffragan for my diocese.  As God would have it, the only other candidate is a wonderful man who was my assistant a few years back.  At this point, the only thing we both know for certain, I believe, is that we are both called to be candidates.

A few weeks ago our Lay Ministry Coordinator found this photo taken of us on St. Mary’s Day several years ago.  We were dedicating our new playground ( a Holy Spirit story there), and wearing some new vestments given in memory of a parishioner’s husband.  At the end of our prayer of dedication, Jeff and I did a Great Amen by sliding down the slide, chasubles flying.

This is a very right image, I think, for the process we are in.  I saw Jeff yesterday for the first time since the nominations, and I realized how much I missed having conversation with him.  The truth is, why should it be that way?  In my heart of hearts I know that we are not in competition but in a process of discernment with brother and sisters in the diocese.  When I get a little overwhelmed, this photo comes to mind, and I remember to smile and to laugh.

The Committee for the Election has offered this prayer for our diocese.  Will you join me in prayer?   May God’s perfect will be done in the Diocese of Texas as it is already being done in heaven.

Almighty and gracious God, look favorably upon your Church and send forth your Holy Spirit to help us discern your will and guide those who shall elect a Bishop Suffragan for the Diocese of Texas, that we, your servants, may be blessed with a faithful and loving shepherd who,  following the example of your Son, our Savior Jesus Christ, will care for us, equip us for our ministries and unite us around His commandment that we love one another as He loves us.  All this we ask in your holy Name.  AMEN

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