When nothing else will do God will take care of you

During the Newark layover I had to work hard to find a plug to charge my phone. Waiting to board, I finally found one in the alcove next to the ladies room. Then I heard, “Funn Beff, please come to the podium. Funn Beff.” Deciding that might be me, I gathered up my too many belongings and found my way through the mass of people, shawls and cords trailing.

Was I willing to take a seat in Business First without audio?

Would I?

I was so excited everything fell out of my little travel purse.

Always a picture of grace.

Guess I didn’t need the Smashburger or the traveling snacks or the endless searching for a power outlet.

I guess being reminded at the beginning of the trip that God does go before and prepare the way is a lovely way to begin this Sabbath.

And it is the Sabbath. Shalom.

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