And so it begins

Today is our last day at St.George’s College before we leave for a week in the wilderness. It appears that at least three nights involve tents though one supposedly has electric outlets.

This may be my last day of WiFi for a while, so I wanted to talk about room at the college which will be the place to which I return from the wilderness.

Each room is named for a place or event in Jesus’ life. Mine is called Tabgha. I have to admit that I did not recognize the place when I entered for the first time. With only a little research, I decided that I am in the perfect room for this pilgrimage.

See if you agree:

Matthew 14. 13-21, Mark 6. 30-44, Mark 8. 1-9, Luke 6. 17-19

This is one of the places my brother Richard and I will go on our pilgrimage after the pilgrimage.

2 thoughts on “And so it begins

  1. How cool! I know that spot – I pilgrimaged there as that's where I deduced Jesus made his famous appearance to the disciples in which Peter realized it was the Master on the shore. Getting there was tricky – the shoreline is the property of a German hostel and I had to beg the guard to let me spend five minutes at the shoreline with my camera.


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