Two nights in Petra

Yesterday we drove from Wadi Rum to Petra for two nights. We spent most of the day exploring this one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. There’s a sermon coming about the Treasury, the first building you see as you exit the Siq, the nearly mile long canyon where each turn took my breath away.

For context, one of the Indiana Jones movies was filmed here.

Today, our second day in Petra, a rare free day, I’m taking it as a Sabbath to catch up with myself. Up before dawn to see the sunrise in the roof, a leisurely morning doing laundry, journaling, knitting, and reading. After three nights in tents I’m enjoying my pretty room.

In a hour or so I’m going with some of the women to have a Turkish bath. Since I had a Turkish bath in Turkey, I’m curious.

Then back to get ready for class and maybe a sunset on the roof.

Tomorrow we’re on the bus again to Machaerus Fortress (where John the Baptist was beheaded) and then to Madaba (Medeba in Scripture).

Traveling mercies to all.

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