In memory of Bill

Our deacon at St. Mary’s emailed me that a dear parishioner had died.

Bill Meisner was a kind and faithful man. A year ago he celebrated his 80th birthday with a wonderful party which included the blessing of the antique red truck he had lovingly and carefully restored and Holy Communion, too.
It was a joy filled evening. The note he wrote to me after the event is one I will always treasure.

When I return to St. Mary’s Epiphany, Bill’s spot at the end of the second or third row for the early Eucharist will have an empty spot that only he could fill. I will miss him.

At the Church of the Loaves and Fishes in Tabgha (Matthew 14. 13-21),
I lit a candle in memory of Bill with prayers for all who loved him, most especially his wife, Sally.

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