A large day in Iona

The sun is streaming in the window as I sit enjoying a cappacino.

I had an email from a member of my parish who thought she might be intruding on my Sabbatical if she responded with a comment to my blog. Absolutely not!!!! It’s great to know someone is reading these wee iPhone blogs.

It is a walk by the sea up three hills, across three streams, and through three gates to take the short cut for morning worship at the Abbey.

There are three houses of worship on the Isle of Iona (Church of Scotland, Roman Catholic, and Iona Community) which schedule their worship so that a pilgrim can attend all six services a day. I’ve been a bit more selective so far–choosing one morning and one evening worship each day.

There are many other moments and places to stop and be with God. It is a Sabbatical after all. Today I’ll be using a book written by a member of the Iona Community, Around a Thin Place, as my devotional guide. I’ll be hiking to the crossroads, Machair, and Hill of the Angels–and whatever adventures God has in store.

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