Silence: Day Three

I ended my silence today with Diurnum (Noonday Prayers). But first I sat in the Chapel and prayed the St. Mary’s directory–lifting each person’s name in prayer. I was saddened that four more of our family are now in the place of Light Perpetual–John, Suzanne, Susanne, and Lou.

Later today I’m off to Charlotte, North Carolina to visit another Woman Touched by Grace, Sally.

It’s a beautiful fall day and, as always, God is very good.

2 thoughts on “Silence: Day Three

  1. Rev'd Beth
    I should have looked at your Blog long before now and it is a little ironic that a very long day of work would be the day that I finally get to it. However, I have decided to simply ignore the mounds of work that I should be working on.
    I would love a day of silence. Three days would be very hard – and certainly would not be good for my practice. 🙂
    Just know that you are missed, but we are so very glad that you have a chance to be with the Beloved.
    John Akard Jr.


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