Fifth Sunday in Lent, Tybee time

Walked to church this morning. How I love being able to walk to church!

All Saints Episcopal is another Tybee find where I’ve worshipped often enough that I’m starting to be recognized. Helen+, their rector, was there with her lovely worship presence, and Bishop Shipps, retired Bishop of Georgia, preached a sweet sermon on gratitude and remembering the least among us.

Seated in the row in front of me was a young man who didn’t go up for communion. He told the woman at the end of his row that he wasn’t baptized. Clearly in the worship booklet it invited the non-baptized to come forward with arms crossed for a blessing. We do have an especially open table in the Episcopal church.

I wondered about the presumption of whispering to the young man the words of invitation before I went up to receive communion. But I didn’t.

Deciding to presume, after worship I spoke to him.

Andrew is going to be baptized “some time in Easter”, and no, he didn’t know he could go up for a blessing when all the rest of us went to the communion table. How cool!

I told him that I’d pray for him as he prepared for baptism, especially when we do our Easter baptisms at St Mary’s.

Then I had a lovely, tree-lined, gentle breezed, walk back to my home on Tybee.

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