Thanking God for another year

At my mother’s farm in Chambersville to celebrate my birthday.  So thankful for all of her hard work to get me born 62 years ago and her even greater work getting me raised. Thank you, Mother!

Yesterday we went to Walmart to buy ingredients for my birthday chocolate pie.

We had a lovely walk around the desme.

We went to Prayer Meeting at her church, First Baptist, McKinney, and enjoyed their Wednesday fellowship.  It made me so very thankful that we have a lively Wednesday night ministry now at St. Mary’s.  I especially enjoyed talking to Brother Joe Smith, a retired bivocational Baptist pastor who served at my Grandma Blanche’s Westminister Baptist Church for twenty years. During the small group Bible Study on Phillipians, he made sure that everyone know how very special my mother is and I was outed as an Episcopal “pastor.”

This morning I woke to blueberry pecan pancakes made for me by my mom using “Jack’s Special Pancake” recipe (my dad’s).  What a lovely way to begin this day having breakfast with her.

In a bit I’ll have to leave because Fall Gift Market starts tomorrow at St. Mary’s, which I consider our biggest “stealth” evangelism event of year.  But I’ll drive home via Plano to have lunch with my brother, Richard.

I’m mindful this day of a practice my friend, Meera, who is from India, observes on her birthday. It is the custom of her home to celebrate another year of birth by giving gifts to others, especially the poor.
As I prepare for preaching on Sunday, the parable of the rich man and the poor man, Lazarus, at his gate, I am mindful of those in need who are invisible to me, and how I can share with them the abundant blessings that I have received, especially on this day.

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