Advent Blessings

The gift of doing without is that it can enable us to see how full we actually are–and as emptiness is filled, each drop is full of richness and light. 

For the first time this week, I woke up feeling good. This morning I am enjoying my first cup of coffee since Monday at the airport. There is a fire in the fireplace, and for the first morning this week I am enjoying my morning quiet and Bible reading sitting in front of it.   Later today it will get to the high 20s–warm enough in the sunshine to walk into town–the first time this week I’ve felt well enough and warm enough to do so. 

Yesterday I felt well enough to start my Advent cards. Creating cards is a tradition my best friend and I have practiced for nearly all the years we’ve traveled together.  I’ll make less cards this year because there’s something else I want to do. 

I am so very grateful for my St. Mary’s family and all they have given to me. My administrative assistant printed cards (and bonus return labels, too) with our 2014 money stewardship mission, Love All, logo on it.  I’m adding some personal touches and writing a note to the 100 folks who’ve made a 2014 pledge. I’m three days behind because of getting sick, and I may not finish on this retreat as I’d planned. I’ll spend the morning seeing how far along I can get. 
Meanwhile, I hold in prayer today all those who are cold and have little hope of being warm. 
All those who have no appetite. 
All those who are hungry and have little hope of bring filled. 
All those who are sick in body and have no one to care for them. 
This morning I give thanks to God for having a warm place to live and warm clothes to wear; 
for once again enjoying food, especially my morning coffee; 
and that I have so many, many folks who care and pray for me.  

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