Maundy Thursday: The great walk of love begins

Were you at worship on Ash Wednesday?  

Were you at worship on Palm Sunday?  

You are hard core disciples.

On Sunday we talked about this ancient road south of the old city in Jerusalem. For me it’s been a place of contemplation this Holy Week. 

It is a road that would have been used by Jesus, very most likely when he left the upper room, right after the his last meal with his disciples.  

It is the road he likely walked with his disciples to the Garden of Gethsamene. Where many of us will pray with him during prayer vigils that last through this Maundy Thursday night into the noon hour of Good Friday.

It is the road he walked after his arrest, to his trial, and then to his death.  Which we will walk with him during Good Friday services.

Palm Sunday I was reminded about the importance of showing up for the walk. The unexpected transformation, forgiveness, and healing that is offered for those of us who walk this road with Jesus.

Here you are.  Showing up.

Since Palm Sunday, one parishioner’s mom has died. 

Another parishioner has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Twenty or so folks came to the Eucharist at St. Mary’s Holy Wednesday and received anointing with oil and laying on of hands for healing for yourself or on behalf of others.

Some of you have received absolution through the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Others have participated in a variety of ways to enable excellent worship to happen all week—and in the days ahead.

Others have taken communion to our neighbors down the street.

Others have taken flowers in pots decorated by our younger Christians to those who could use a smile.

How else have you showed up this week, and placed yourself on Jesus’ path of reconciliation, healing, and transformation?

We’re not done yet. 

As you continue to show up this Triduum, may you know the abundance of God’s love for you.

As Brother James Koester, SSJE, writes, 

Tonight, tomorrow and Saturday are one long feast for the senses as we taste, touch, smell, hear and see God’s love made manifest in bread and wine; in water and towel; in fire and oil; in word and action; in sign, symbol and sacrament. What is the meaning of all that we do these Three Days? Love is the meaning.  

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