So much laughter

Leaving Little Rock soon, I’m aware how much I’ve laughed on this trip. Laughed and smiled and laughed some more. 

One of the art installations at the 21c Museum Hotels are penguins made from recycled materials that are portable. There were 200 green penguins at our hotel in Bentonville. They joined us for coffee, meals, outside the door of our room, and in the elevator. 

At dinner in the hotel restaurant, green apple cotton candy is served to all–even if they only get water. They do it because everyone needs joy and a smile. My best friend scored a to go bag at the end of our fabulous dinner.

Here at the airport, I just spotted a group with tshirts–Love God Love Others Change the World. I’m not sure where most of the folks that I met on this trip are with their relationship with God, but I experienced an awful lot of loving others   this trip–with me mostly on the receiving end. 

Thanks, God.  

May I remember this the next time I go into cranky mode. We’ll see tomorrow back at St. Mary’s. 

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