Birthday Trip to Kearney, Missouri

Another year to serve God, with God’s help. 

The day started with my St Mary’s friends and several hundred guests at our annual Fall Gift Market. We started the event inviting our guests to join us in a prayer circle, and I am deeply moved, always, by the heart felt prayer requests. Then I walked the Market, greeting and following up, making a prayer list to send to our Daughters of the King. By the time I left midday, our prayer shawl chest was empty, all of our knitted shawls having been given to our guests after healing prayers. 

Then I was off to Kansas City, Missouri for my nephew’s wedding. My birthday evening was spent with much of my family at the rehearsal dinner, with fabulous chocolate cake for dessert. Happy birthday to me!

My daughter was in the midst of her book tour so, sadly, she couldn’t attend. But her tour had brought her through Houston twice, and she and I celebrated early. Her gift included a fabulous pie. Happy birthday to me!

Among all the gifts of the day, perhaps the best gift was being asked to officiate at Dominique and Nathan’s wedding. Their pastor had had to bow out less than two weeks before, and we’d spent about five hours on FaceTime over the past week doing premarital preparation. It was holy time. 

The service was held in a pasture at her aunt’s farm in Kearney outside Kansas City.  

One of the things I’m mindful of when I officiate at a wedding is that something really happens. The couple come into the liturgy and God truly does something. A powerful shift happens and they are not the same. 

Dominique and Nathaniel had this great idea that folks should gather and park at the farmhouse and then walk across the lane and down a country road to a field where the wedding would be held. It was about a half mile walk and there were cars for those who couldn’t make it the whole way. I positioned myself where the road divided in two to point the way. What better work for the priest to do?

The walk to the wedding and afterwards back was perfect. We had traveled to a place like pilgrims and returned to the party blessed. 

Happy birthday to me!

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