A blessing for the final days of Lent

I met with my spiritual director yesterday. Of course we talked about how Lent was going. I’ve said before that being raised in the Baptist tradition, tithing my money to God comes easy, but Lenten disciplines, a later in life practice, is always a challenge. 
I’ve learned by years of starts and stops, of twists and circle backs, that my day by day through Lent is best defined as a rhythm. What surprises will God have in store that will take me to new places of mystery?
So on this day of Sabbath, as I prepare myself to walk beside Jesus leading our dear parish through Holy Week, I ponder the rhythm God has given me. 
To light incense and pray. 
To read poetry. 
To dance healing prayers for a friend with cancer. 
To remember to rest. 
To write notes of love. 
To be thankful for all of my stuff as I give away those things which no longer give joy. 
To pray with an icon. 
To travel on rabbit trails while reading Scripture. 
In the Rule of St. Benedict, we remember that everyday we begin again, and so I offer a blessing for all who walk these final days of Lent, written by a woman whose writings have been a path for me these Lenten days:

May every road
you travel
draw you deeper
into the heart
of God
May each moment
of the path
open you to
May God be
your guard
and your guide
in the way
that you 
And may time
turn well for you
and spiral you
always home.

Written by Jan Richardson ((c) janrichardson.com) 

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