Holy Monday: Nine O’Clock in the Morning

It’s nine o’clock in the morning. On this Holy Momday, Minerva is praying Morning Prayer at St. Mary’s. 

I am at home in the Rectory sitting in my prayer chair. Sacred sage incense is burning. I am praying with Minerva and others at St. Mary’s who have stopped to pray. I can feel the prayers rising like the incense and surrounding me. 
It’s nine o’clock in the morning. The hour when Jesus is taken to be crucified. 
It’s nine o’clock in the morning. The hour when the Spirit swirls like fire and wind upon and within the disciples gathered in Jesusalem fifty two days after Jesus died.  Fifty days after Jesus’ resurrection. 
But today, it’s nine o’clock in the morning on a day we call Holy because we are simply being with Jesus. Praying. Listening. Worshipping. 
We’ll do it again at 6.30 tonight. Gil will lead us. Whether we are at St. Mary’s or in the chapels of our hearts, will you stop and join us?
There is nothing more important, more essential, more more holy than to pray. To listen. To worship. 

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