The opposite of scarcity is not abundance. It is enough. Katie+ preached about enough on Sunday, and enough has been my prayer word here at Our Lady of Grace. 

One of the things I’ve learned in the twelve years that I’ve been praying with this Benedictine community is about true hospitality. When i am here with the sisters, My spiritual practice is to receive whatever I’m given as a gift, and to know that it will be enough. 

Today we worked hard visioning how to grow and fund Women Touched by Grace, a time apart for women pastors where they live in Benedictine Community, and through a rhythm of prayer, rest, study, and play are refreshed in order to transform the churches they lead. I am passionate about supporting women clergy in their ministries and so this has been good work. 

Tonight after Eucharist, Evening Praise, and supper with the sisters, I took a walk to the newly created peace garden. The sisters, with generous help from the community, are returning three acres of the monastery grounds back to the prairie. They’ve planted native plants, and welcome the insects, birds, and animals that are thriving in what is their natural habitat.  

One of the sisters joined me in my walk around the peace garden and told me stories about the variety of plants that are beginning to return home. 

One plant was called, I believe, a cup plant, because the leaves form a kind of cup that catches water that can supply drink for birds and insects. Enough. 

I sat and prayed for the people I carry in my heart. A bench. A breeze. Beauty. Stillness. Enough. 

Amidst home and work, prayer and beauty. Enough. 

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