Happy Anniversary to me

I have a friend, who on her birthday, answers each phone call with a joy-filled, “Happy birthday to me!”  It makes me smile.  

Twenty three years ago today I was ordained priest at St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church. Happy anniversary to me!
That January day, freeze warnings were out, and folks dear to me traveled over treacherous roads to be there to support me and Christ’s Church. 
The morning was spent with my family folding worship booklets. Early afternoon, some women of the parish gave me a manicure. The children of the parish sang the prelude. The preacher, who had been my spiritual director while I was in seminary, told me to be:
Ready. Willing. Unable. 

Today, this anniversary of being as ready as possible. As willing as I can. Unable to do anything, without God’s help, I started the day at the hospital praying with a parishioner before surgery. Afterwards, I had quiet time in my prayer room at home,  incense lit, preparing to officiate at the burial of a parishioner’s father. I’ll have lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant with the woman who was the chair of the Search Committee that has led me to eighteen years serving as rector of St. Mary’s. 

Praying another year to be ready. To be wiling. To be unable. 

One thought on “Happy Anniversary to me

  1. Happy Anniversary! I remember the day and evening as though they were yesterday. The glow of GOD's Spirit on your face was remarkable. And you've taken Doug+'s charge/exhortation very seriously. Thank you for these 23 years of priesthood and the ways GOD has used you to make a difference in so many, many lives, including mine. Much love! – Linda


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