Being a person of great privilege

I am a person of great privilege. Amidst the chaos in my life post–flood, I have been surrounded by great care, love, and generosity. I have choices and options. 
As I prepare to begin my long trek to Iceland, I am acutely aware of how easy my life is. This long-planned trip to Iceland comes at the moment I most need rest, peace, and beauty. This vacation was largely gifted to me by long-time friends. 
As the flood waters rose in my home a few weeks ago, my traveling friend and I worked on our Iceland plans. In fact, in the minutes before we kayaked out, my friend looked down on my flooded living room from our safe place on the upstairs landing, and said, “Oh. There are the Iceland books.”  They weren’t saved. 
Now, thanks to the generosity of friends, I sit in my first class seat, first class!!!, enjoying my first cup of coffee of the day, served to me as others boarded. I have a book to read gifted by another friend. I have a phone that does all kinds of magic including providing a means for me to listen to music as I travel. I am content. I have enough. I feel the peace that has been so generously prayed for me these past weeks. 
As a person of great privilege, how will I serve others with the generosity I have received?  How can I offer first class service to those who feel like they are in the middle seat of the back row with the person in front of them reclining her seat as far as it will go?
From today’s  Daily Office reading from 1 John:
Little children, let us love not in word or speech, but in truth and action. 

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