A week long retreat

As I sit at the airport, my flight to Punta Cana is on its way, taking 50 missioners from St. Mary’s, St. Dunstan’s, and Good Shepherd to do good work for God’s kingdom, except I’m not with them. 

A year’s worth of challenges in the parish were capped by the Tax Day Flood which resulted in the loss of my car and most of my downstair’s belongings, and, with the counsel of people who know me best, I knew I wasn’t in the emotional shape to go on mission to the Dominican Republic. It was a difficult and disappointing decision. 

Instead, I’m on retreat as I continue to heal. It’s hard to admit that I need care, and yet I do. 
As I wait for the plane to take me to the mountains, I’m surrounded by groups in same colored tshirts with Jesus logos–code for we’re on God’s mission. 
My mission this week is to pray. Be still. Listen. Rest. Find joy.  As so much in the past two months, not the mission I want, but the path I’m on. 

Psalm 108:1-2 My heart is firmly fixed, O God, my heart is fixed……Wake up, my spirit; I myself will waken the dawn.

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