Can we go one day?

I’m at my mother’s farm thirty or so miles north of Dallas.

I woke up this morning to the report of yet another daily shooting. The words of a friend resonated in my spirit, “Can we please go one day without shooting one another?”  

Because it is we who shoot, and we who kill. Although I’ve never even held a gun in my hand, we, you and I, are part of decisions and choices, one relationship at a time, that result in senseless, undeserved death.   There is no them or those people. It is all us. 

As I walked and prayed this morning on the country roads of Chambersville, I walked past the cemetery. Even the American flag seemed weary of all the death. 
I stopped at the church at the end of the road and prayed some more. Which direction, which choice, which decision, is God’s invitation to us?
In the words of Jesus in our Gospel from Luke this upcoming Sunday, I know the answer will include neighbor and compassion and mercy. 

Can we go one day with compassion and mercy?  One neighbor at a time?

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