Walking towards my retreat in stages

I’m now seated on my friends’ screened back porch surrounded by tree tops. I’ve been traveling towards my retreat in stages.  The trip to the porch was via two labyrinth walks. 

The first labyrinth was at the Presbyterian Student Center at the University of Georgia in Athens. It was created with recycled bottles; being a college student project, it appeared to be largely recycled beer bottles. The second was an Eagle Scout Project at a Presbyterian Church in Commerce, Gerogia.  

The glass bottle labyrinth required me to pay attention. A couple of the bottles had broken, and the outer path of the labyrinth was so near the fence it felt as if I were walking a balance beam as I carefully placed my steps. 
Students rushed by on their way to class as I prayed, and the sun shone through the glass, painting the path colors of green, yellow, and gold. 

The second path was smalI and simply–created with pavers and crushed stone.   At the entrance it had a sign that read:
Peace be with you—Jesus
Luke 24.36
Quotes by Jesus are always good to ponder on a labyrinth walk. 
It was a very brief walk, but the path was narrow, and once again, walked with attention and care. 
For years, I’ve wished for a labyrinth at St. Mary’s. The Junior Daughters of the King have wanted to build one. Another parishioner proposed creating one as his Eagle Scout Project. Both were delayed as we finalized the master plan for our property so that we would know the best spot to place a labyrinth.  Today as I walked these two paths in Georgia, both created by young people, I began to think about, and pray about, a labyrinth for St. Mary’s.   

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