Walking a retreat: In my heart is the road

In my quiet on the porch during this mountain retreat, I’m continuing to spend time slowly moving through Christine Valters Paintner’s, The Soul’s Slow Ripening:  Celtic Wisdom for Discernment.  Todays’s reflection was the invitation to dance with Betsey Beckman. 

I’ll be honest.  Though I enjoy dancing, the day on this retreat that I have to watch one video, take time to learn a dance that is a movement prayer, and then do the dance is the one I find most challenging. I always feel closer to my spiritual self afterwards, but it’s a real journey to get there. Hmmm. Not such a bad thing. 
Anyway, today the video was filmed at a retreat center in New Mexico, and since that’s a place that is part of my rhythm of annual travel, it felt like home. Then, Betsey’s instructions were simply to let the music guide your feet as you listened to the song provided–doing it once contemplatively, and the other playfully. 
I downloaded the song by Richard Bruxwoort Colligan to my phone. The words were inspired by Psalm 84:
In my heart is the road
And I will not be turned
In my heart is the road
Bless my feet on the journey
To Jerusalem, to Jerusalem. 

On the river walk today, my friend and I played the music and danced the Psalm. 
Yes, in a public place. We were filled with joy as we let our feet do the praying.   Playing and praying. They are good spiritual companions. 

When I began my retreat this week, I didn’t imagine that taking steps would be a central theme. But beginning at the airport in Houston when I walked between terminals because I had extra time, and happened on a surprise sunrise riding down an escalator; to the labyrinths of recycled glass, an Eagle Scout project, and hidden crosses; to an invitation to dance; I’ve been praying through my feet. 
I’m walking on holy ground. 

One thought on “Walking a retreat: In my heart is the road

  1. Gorgeous retreat. In FB, I saw the post of your feet and interestingly, thought of dancing in the Appalachians (in a mountain town, near the AT) and now I see that you really were dancing. Isn't it neat that our feet can dance! It's like seeing the beauty of a horse or a dog “trotting” – by lifting their footsteps higher and lighter. Blessings


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