7.30 on Friday morning. I’m having coffee at Keflavik airport. 

Wednesday morning, I awoke to an email invitation to participate in an online study called, “How to Travel Like a Pilgrim.” How could I not say yes?

As I’ve journeyed and waited and journeyed and waited, I’ve spent time reading and listening to the excellent resources written by Lacy Clark Elman.  
Lacy invites each pilgrim to select a theme. Mine is thresholds. 

A threshold is the place where we go from one space to another. Metaphorically, it can represent a time of transition.  Lacy writes, “Those who wait at the threshold are at the cusp of great change, aware that things have shifted……”  The massive flooding in Texas will do that. 

I feel immersed in changes right now, and so as I travel from one place into another on the Icelandic vacation now become pilgrimage, I’ll spend time pondering and praying about doorways and passages and doors open and doors shut and doors that have floated away. 

But now I am very jet-lagged. So I’ll simply be present with my latte and the voices of people from all over the world. 

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