Sabbathkeeping in Husafell

Back at home, Friday is my Sabbath. 

A Sabbath is different from a day off. It’s even different from a vacation day. 

It’s a day to stop. To cease. To allow God to fill in the spaces and allow the world go on without me.  It may be the most challenging spiritual discipline. 

In the midst of a glorious vacation, today I will try to center in a place of Sabbath. 

It is fall in Iceland. One of my most favorite seasons. Vegetation tends to huddle close to earth in this rugged clime, even the few trees. The fall color this creates a foundation for the soaring landscape and sky. 

I began this day, after breakfast, sitting in a lounge area, with a symphony of voices of folk from all over the world chatting as they ate and visit.  With the voices of God’s people surrounding me, I prayed Morning Devotions to be posted later by Rev. Alan. 

I’ve loved beginning the day this way. 

Now what will happen today as I Sabbath and God does the rest?

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