Diverting in fog

This is the devotional that came into my inbox as I settled into my room at the Portland Airport. I did not find this all that amusing, but I did find it thoughtful.

You see, after two delayed flights, I was on my way to Bend finally last night to be with Jonas when he woke up for his fifth birthday this morning. After we boarded the flight to Redmond, the pilot came out to apologize for the delay. They’d been behind all day because of the fires near Ventura. He had yet more disappointing news–a huge fog had engulfed the Redmond airport, and we were unlikely to be unable to land and would be diverted to Portland.

Needless to say, I spent most of the flight praying the please God please God please God prayer. I listened to my Brave Still playlist created after the second Houston flood. The songs are all about God being present when things don’t go as planned. Thinking about not being with Jonas when he woke up on his birthday filled me with sadness.

I’ve walked this walk with God long enough to know that prayers aren’t magic, but that God is always present.

So here I sit in the Portland airport the morning of Jonas’ birthday. I saw a beautiful sunrise as I boarded the shuttle to the airport from my unexpected sleeping place.

I’ve had the best flat white ever at the airport and a marionberry muffin besides.

And I remember.

Life is like the fog. We can only see a few feet in front of us. All we can do is put one foot in front of us and see what us revealed.

Though I am still hoping that the fog will lift, and I will be able to fly my diverted to PDX flight to RDM to see the grandboys today.

3 thoughts on “Diverting in fog

  1. How frustrating! But then fog does slow us down and make us look more carefully at our surroundings. I feel like increasingly more of my life is enveloped in fog, but the up-close parts are clearer when I rest in God and try – not always successfully – to not get so frantic.

    I hope your visit with your grandboys and their parents will be filled with joy and love, whenever you arrive!


  2. Fog, there has been plenty here. Thank you for making me think about it differently. May the rest of your time with your boys be magic!!


  3. Fog. We’ve had plenty here. Thank you for making me think about it differently. May the rest of your time with your family be magic!


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