Arkansas Birthday Traveler

My best friend and I have taken a trip to celebrate my birthday most years we’ve been friends. The first birthday trip ever was twenty five years ago to Maine and New Brunswick.

New Mexico. Anacortes Island. Alaska to see glaciers. Maui. Isle of Iona. Rockport for whooping cranes. Nova Scotia. Iceland.

One year the birthday road trip to Marfa was rerouted to walk with three year old Judah from this life to the next.

This year we’re returning to a favorite spot in Arkansas.

I’m starting the day walking to have coffee.

Oldering is a very fine thing.

2 thoughts on “Arkansas Birthday Traveler

  1. I love that you are an adventurer! And that you have such a wonderful friendship! Blessings to you both! Can’t wait to hear more. So delighted for you….


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