Unexpected waiting

I have tried to be extraordinarily careful in the pandemic. I know keeping myself safe is the best way to keep others safe.

So this trip to Bend to see my grandsons is being taken after great thought and prayer. Jonas turns eight (!) on Tuesday which is how this week got on the vacation calendar. But part two is that as the pandemic lingered, I told my daughter in law that I would come over and help with school. This is the week for me to use my Master’s Degree in Education—and hang out with the boys so that Jacob and Lisa can have some time for the two of them.

The tricker part is that the only practical way for me to get to Oregon is to fly. Even in non-pandemic times flying north is fraught with challenges.

Today did not disappoint. Up at 4.00 AM to catch my 7.20 flight, things went smoothly until 7.30. A computer problem resulted in a turn around and return to the terminal. And then we had to deplane so they could find us another plane. And when they found us a plane, they had to do their super duper Covid cleaning. And then they had to wait for the plane to be catered. And then they had to move our luggage to the new plane. And then we had to all get back on the plane for our not on time departure of 10.15 AM.

This is not my first plane flight so I had built in extra connection time— but not enough. That is why I’m getting to spend the first Saturday in Advent waiting in Denver. Eight hours until another flight departs for Bend.

I don’t know if it’s because the pandemic has gotten all of us expecting the unexpected but usually when there’s this kind of delay folks get cranky. But people were kind. People were like—it’s 2020—why not?

Now I’m settled in the United lounge for the waiting. I’m thankful for the pass that gave me free entry. As much as I wish I were with my family on Bend, it’s not a bad thing to have to spend time waiting.

It is Advent. I have music, knitting, reading material and snacks galore near at hand.

And it’s Advent. 2020. After all.

One thought on “Unexpected waiting

  1. Grandma’s always have super powers!!! My grandmother always said to pack snacks and extra underwear for the unexpected events that happen life. I took a non-stop flight to Puerto Rico and my suitcase was taken by a 1st class passenger who drunk all of the bubbly!! My mother packed underwear, snacks and my favorite basketball shorts in her giant purse!!


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