A priest. Again.

The last time I celebrated Holy Eucharist was at a Wednesday Eucharist in the Diocesan chapel in Houston during Lent, 2020. Two days later the office closed because of the pandemic, and we moved home to work.

For a couple of weeks. Ha.

This third Sunday of Easter, 2021, I will celebrate the Eucharist at St. Paul’s in Navasota, Texas.

Once ordained a priest, always a priest (unless renouncing my vows or being deposed). However, this is the weekend I begin doing priestly things. Again.

First I will travel to Camp Allen on Saturday afternoon to teach at Iona School for Ministry. It will be my first time to teach in person since 2020. As God would have it, I am teaching a class on Reconciliation of a Penitent.

After I preach and celebrate and meet with the Vestry at St. Paul’s, I will return to Camp Allen to meet with the Small Church network on Sunday and Monday. A few members of my team will be leading congregational leaders of churches with less than 75 members to process what they’ve learned during the pandemic and how they can apply that to what God is leading them to do next.

It will be my first time to be part of leading an in-person retreat in over a year.

After thirteen months of driving almost nowhere, I’ll be back in my office on wheels—also called my Prius. Doing prayer and lectio divina on the Diocesan roads.

But first I have to finish my sermon for tomorrow and my PowerPoint for tonight. And ponder again what it really means to be a priest.

3 thoughts on “A priest. Again.

  1. A Priest. Still.
    Prayers for you as you “hit the road” again after this year-long-plus quarantine from priestly functions. May your first Eucharistic celebration bring you immense joy!!!


  2. Your gifts are so apparent in these words. And we are all blessed by your ‘priestly things’! The photo of the record of worship and communion so reminded me of when you sent us off with the Eucharist for our brothers and sisters. I am grateful for you, always, and happy that you are again in this particular piece of the ‘priest’ space — that so feeds you and others. God be with you. And your prius!


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