Sitting a spell: lilacs, peonies, and llamas

Honeysuckle New Mexico style

I’ve found that I’ve been angry recently. A lot. I said something about that to my friend on the drive up from the airport to Taos, and she replied, “Yes, you have begun a lot of our conversations with ‘I’m really angry about……’”

Well. That’s not a look I’m going for but like so many things we don’t like hearing, it’s the truth. Granted, anger can easily turn into depression for me, so getting my anger out in non-hurtful ways is a good thing. I am in hopes that this long weekend of sitting a spell will help me to clear out some of the anger.

When we arrived at our Casa, after we’d unloaded the car, we took a walk to see if the llamas that lived nearby were still there.

The gentle walk was framed by flowers I rarely see in Texas.

And a flower that is new to me

And then. Our neighbors the llamas. Which we named Hillary, Kamala, and Stacey.

Sitting a spell can be a slow walk taking time for a pause and yet another.

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