A trip to an island

There is so very much I love about being in the Faroes.

Internet is good and only found in a few places. It’s a different approach to life not to be able to find answers instantly. That means having to ask questions if information is absolutely essential. It also means a sabbath from the deluge of news that I’ve allowed to overwhelm my day when I’m at home.

A trip to an island.

Each morning is started with coffee at some local place. This morning we are enjoying our drinks outside by the harbor, and the local duck has decided to join us.

A trip to an island.

The Faroes consist of eighteen islands; traveling between them requires an excellent system of ferries, tunnels through mountains and under the fjord waters, and even some bridges. That means that sometimes travels actually have to planned in order not to have an extended stay in a remote place. So far. So good for us.

A trip to an island.

And the sheep! The sheep! The sheep!

I understand there are more sheep than people in the Faroes. Sometimes the sheep run up to greet us. More often, they run when we stop, thus messing with my carefully planned photo.

A trip to an island.

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