Three Advent: Joy. With.

As I flew with Advent music playing through my earphones, watching the sun rise outside my window, it was all Joy.

I’ve spent a week in Oregon with my Bend family. I was here to celebrate my grandson’s ninth birthday and had the added gift of being able to be here to be mom for my son’s surgery to set a broken bone from a mishap on our Cancun trip.

Since my son’s surgery was the same day as his son’s big #9 birthday, I was grateful to be able to care for him while his wife did the birthday party shuffle. Once our children age out of needing mom care, it is a Joy to be able to show love by fetching and being with.

Because of wind and snow, I stayed an extra day and had the Joy of a chill day with my family. We made gingerbread cookies, watched movies, and played games as the giant snowflakes blew down. What a Joy to be with.

The hospitality they offer is filled with Joy. My older grandson surrendered his room for me and bunked with his brother. My daughter in law prepared amazing meals with deep love each night, and she even made leftovers a celebration feast. Sitting with my grandsons in their room before bed, all of us reading our books, and then having night prayers together was a gentle way to end each day with. Joy.

On this third Sunday of Advent, my church is in the air. It is Gaudete Sunday, and after a week surrounded with the love of family, it is easy to rejoice.

I am full of Joy. From being with my family and always, with God.

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