Lent—a few random travel notes

I’m traveling again.

Last week for work, I drove to Camp Allen in Navasota then back to Houston. Then to Nacogdoches. Tyler. Chambersville. Houston. Bastrop. Austin. Houston.

Now I’m in San Francisco and on the way to Bend, Oregon. Thankfully, this time I’m not driving.

Except. In Houston, the pilot honestly told us that our San Francisco flight would be delayed—because the first officer hadn’t arrived due to “human error.” Overslept is the story I made up.

As a result, I missed my connection and have a six hour wait before the next flight. I got the last seat on that flight, at the very back of the plane.

I should have given up whiny and cranky and anxious for Lent. Or, perhaps it’s good I didn’t. Getting up at 3.45 this morning hasn’t helped.

I’m trying to find an inspiring spin to this day and can’t seem to pull one up.

I have been kind to all of the helpers who mostly couldn’t help. I am praying. Some.

I’m trying to use my super power of reframing. It is a stretch for me today.

So here I go:

1. Tonight I’ll be with my grandsons and son and daughter in law (speaking positivity into the future).

2. I didn’t crash.

3. I just ate a fabulous brownie (because I never give up chocolate for Lent) and have endless access to my beverage of choice—sparking water.

4. I finished a very good book while I’m waiting and will start another.

5. And once again, I am reminded that all my “problems” are very first world and those of a most privileged woman.

Okay. I’m more reframed. Thank you for listening. You can give yourself a check mark for a good work today.

4 thoughts on “Lent—a few random travel notes

  1. I started reading this with curiosity, then a frown and “sad mouth,” as one of my grandchildren used to call it, but finished it with a grin. Yes, you are a privileged woman – as am I – and your shared thoughts gave me some much-needed perspective today which I applied to Houston traffic.

    Enjoy your travels!!!


  2. Great reframing! Books and chocolate helping.
    I mostly love where and to whom you are going!
    Happy family time….💖


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