Traveling in my clergy collar

I drive a lot in my job. Whenever I can fly instead of drive it feels like a bit of a perk.

I chose to fly to DFW today instead of driving. My dear friend, Alan Bentrup, is being installed as rector of a parish in Keller. It’s a bonus visit because his diocese will soon be joining mine, and I go as more than a friend; I get to represent the diocese. Another bonus is that my best friend’s family worship in the church where Alan serves, and I can spend the night with them AND get to see my best friend, too.

And yet another bonus is that I can do the drive to my Mom’s and see her and my daughter for a pre-Mother’s Day visit.

I decided I’d travel in my clergy gear since I’m traveling for work. And I was curious if people would act differently.

I don’t think anyone has noticed except two people have asked me to watch their luggage while they go to the bathroom. So maybe so! Though I will say that most people when they see me in my collar think I’m a nun.

Boarding soon after a weather delay. Traveling mercies to us all.

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