Leaving Husafell

After four nights at the Hotel Husafell, we will be packing up to travel south.

When my best friend and I began our traveling together nearly thirty years ago, we called shorter, more spur of the moment trips larks. Certainly, there is no true lark to Iceland, but in the simplicity (for us) of this trip, it is a lark.

This ten day stay in Iceland, we chose to explore deeply in two smaller areas anchored from two hotels we’d loved on prior trips. Today ends our sitting a spell in the Husafell area. Well, and driving a spell and walking a spell, too.

Drives back and forth and around and about the same ten or so miles. Each time seeing something new that made us wonder if we’d actually been that way before.

A variety of waters all being fed from the same glaciers and melting snow.

The sheep and lambs always bringing delight.

The first wildflowers of the Icelandic spring.

Scenery like no where else on earth.

Roadside churches with open doors to stop and pray and be extra still.

And, oh yes, the bread.

Each morning we pray, Good morning God, this is your day. We are your children. Please show us your way. And be our tour guide today.

Looking for where God takes us on the two hour drive (ha!) to Hveragerði.

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