A slow local day

The sun is out today and so are we. I’m only having to wear two layers of clothing. Extra layers are near for when it drops below 50 (I know. I’m sorry. I wish I could send you the cooler weather. If it makes you feel better, it’s rained almost every day, too).

Outside our room is a small porch overlooking a river. After breakfast, it was the perfect place to sit and knit and paint with the sound of the flowing water the music in the silence.

After a quiet morning, we stopped at the local church to pray. The beautiful space had a rare unlocked door and was the best way to start our Friday road trip.

We were on our way out of town when we decided that it was necessary to stop and try the local pizza, especially since the pizza was baked in a thermal powered oven AND there was room to sit outside.

We drove a brief way down the road to visit a favorite potter and to catch up with her. During COVID she had taken to making soap from local ingredients scented with local plants. I couldn’t resist buying a few pieces of Iceland to take home.

With pretty sketchy directions, we went searching down back roads for a yarn store featured in the infamous Wool Trail brochure.

Somehow we found Uppspuni, where the owner spins and dyes wool from her own sheep. Once again, I couldn’t resist purchasing local; this time the home grown, home spun yarn was dyed with native Icelandic plants.

After a stop at a once again unlocked church for prayers, we made one pause for local ice cream. It was a bit tricky to make a selection since every option was in Icelandic, but somehow I could decipher enough for delicious choices.

To top an excellent day—none of these fabulous places were more than twenty miles away. It’s a delight to travel local.

One thought on “A slow local day

  1. Traveling mercies on a slow local day. You found what you had hoped to find and chose a thoughtful and comfortable pace.

    I am so happy to hear of these lovely days.


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