Eve of Percy Jackson

Waking up to more snow this morning on the Eve of the Percy Jackson trip. It is also the Feast of the Annunciation—the day to remember being obedient to an unexpected God and nothing is impossible with God. (Luke 1.37)

Having the first answer to prayer, unexpected, this morning when I realized that when I had modified our NYC hotel a few weeks ago for a better room at a lesser rate, that I had modified it to a different location—from the upper east side to Times Square. Oops. The answer to prayer bit is that I have Prayed. So. Much. about the details of this trip that I have to believe that all will be well since we are indeed covered in grace.

Part of preparations today include, besides laundry and packing, getting a gift ready for the grandson who is staying in Bend. He prefers being with Mom and Dad, but I didn’t want him to miss out on a little extra Grandma love.

One of the things I always have when the grandboys visit in the summer is a special Lego set. I already had the Lego world globe waiting for summer 2023. Since the Bend Fain’s trip to Texas won’t include Houston this summer, I decided to bring it to Jonas for his stay at home spring break trip.

The challenge was figuring out how to get the huge box on the plane. After trying one option after another, all that were too small, I found one that was just right—my clergy vestment bag. So rather than chasuble, stole, alb, and Book of Common Prayer, it was filled with the globe Lego set. Thank you, St. Mary’s, for the even more perfect gift!

I’d bought gift cards to be opened each day Austin and I are gone for Jonas’ local favorite places (Mom approved), and my vestment bag is also a perfect gift bag (to be returned, of course).

Other preparations included putting together the Metropolitan Museum’s Percy Jackson tour packet (yes, they have one) to which I’ve added an appropriate t-shirt, and buying travel umbrellas because, yes, it looks like we may have rain.

My daughter in law has gone to a friend’s birthday celebration so it’s a boys’ night (with Grandma invited)—burgers and perhaps a trip for ice cream. It has to be an early night so we can arise for a 3.30 departure to the airport in the morning.

One thought on “Eve of Percy Jackson

  1. What a fun and exciting trip for you and your grandson!! It will be special memories never forgotten by both of you.


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