Luke 1. 37

So I’ve got a second blog going. Actually, it’s not my blog but one for the parish where I serve. It’s just that right now I’m the one tending it.

The parish is beginning The Bible in 90 Days Challenge this Sunday. We created the blog as another way to encourage the parish in this great summer activity. A group of us started on Wednesday (though the official kick-off is June 6). We’re having great fun with it and Sunday, on what has become known as our “commitment wall” in the nave, all of us who have accepted the challenge to read the Bible through this summer will sign our commitment.
I decided that listening was going to work better for me, so I’ve decided to download the week’s readings at I started Wednesday and simply by listening while driving between parish tasks I’m to Day Four already. I’m trying to get ahead because I figure sooner or later I’ll get behind.
I’ve read the Bible through before. I did a year reading plan through my parents’ church a long time back. I reckoned that it was time I do it in one sitting (0ver 90 days) again.
Oh, and the title of the parish blog? Luke 1. 37. Read the verse for yourself and see if you can figure out why this seemed the perfect title for a blog encouraging our walk with Christ.

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