Prayers back and forth

In one of our back and forth emails, the president of the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Springfield closed with these words: We will keep you, and the Parish Family of St. Mary’s, Cypress, Texas in our prayers in the days and weeks ahead.

I love thinking about the Diocese of Springfield not only praying for me as a nominee but that they are also praying for St. Mary’s, too. I particularly appreciate this because after I was announced as one of the nominees, we (at St. Mary’s) added the Diocese of Springfield to our list of daily intercessions.
No matter what happens with the election, I can’t help but think that God is delighted to see two groups of people connected with another through their prayers. It reminds me of one of my favorite hymns:

As Christ breaks bread and bids us share,
each proud division ends.
That love that made us makes us one,
and strangers now are friends.

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