August 16: Prayer for our Educators to be Extraordinary

Before I was a priest, I was an educator. I worked nearly twenty years in three public school districts. The truth is that teachers and school personnel are with students for a longer length of time Monday through Friday than most any other influence. So of course, we pray for all those who serve in schools, most of which have daily challenges that are beyond our imagination.
For years at St. Mary’s, we have had a cycle of prayer for schools. Two schools are prayed for each week, four times on Sunday, and again at Morning and Evening Prayer other days of the week. We send post cards letting the schools know that we are praying for them, and from time to time we get a reply.
The Sunday before the beginning of school, at the Offertory, we invite all students and educators to come forward for a blessing. Well over half of our parish is part of the education system is some way. This coming Sunday, students, backpacks, and all who serve in schools will be receiving a blessing.
What else is God calling us to do?

DAY 3 Prayer for our Educators to be Extraordinary

Did you know that while every child has the capacity to achieve at high levels, there are a variety of social and economic circumstances that threaten a student’s potential? Effective teachers can help students overcome these barriers, and excel academically and personally. Quality education is the anchor for success in career and life in the 21st century; every student deserves a highly effective teacher to provide him/her with the high level knowledge and skills he/she needs to prepare for the college and career.

We need to recalibrate our educational system to ensure that we are providing every student with a highly effective teacher that will provide them with the tools they need to reach their full potential.

Let’s Pray

Father, we understand that teaching is more than an occupation. It is a gift from you. (Rom 12:7) First of all we want to thank you for the many dedicated teachers and educators that serve the children of our community. We ask you to strengthen them with your wisdom, counsel, knowledge and power. (Isaiah 11:2)

Where our educational system is functioning ineffectively, we’re asking for your help. Give grace, courage and creativity to our policy makers, administrators and educators. Help them to make decisions that will provide students with the most effective teachers and educational resources possible.

Father, thank you for raising up ministries that have a vision and a strategy to adopt and cover every school in prayer. Your word teaches us that we are to pray for all those in authority and we know that teachers and educators have a place of authority in the lives of our students. (1 Timothy 2:1-4) Raise up a movement of prayer that will touch every school and every educator across our community. All of this we ask in your name, the name of Jesus, and for the sake of the children of our city.

Can We Be The Answer?

Moms In Touch is making a difference, one school at a time

Teach for America (

Generation One Academy (

Yes Prep Public Schools (

KIPP Academy (

Other resources that you know? Please share below!

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