August 17: Prayer for Student Engagement and Extended Day

DAY 4 Prayer for Student Engagement and Extended Day

Did you know that Texas ranks last in the nation in the percentage of adults with high school diplomas; only 79.6% of Texans have a high school diploma. In 2009, 34% of Texas 4th graders and 27% of 8th graders tested below basic reading levels. Moreover, low- income children achieve approximately 23% below their more affluent peers.

Extended learning time opens the possibility of a wider range of study and exposure to subjects such as history, science, music, and art. Adding quality time to the school year would serve as an opportunity for our children to boost academic performance, to close achievement gaps, to stay in school and reduce drop-out rates, and to take advantage of expanded enrichment in order to compete in a globalized market.

Let’s Pray

Loving God, we find the fact that Texas ranks last in the nation in the percentage of high school diplomas to be unacceptable. We know you want our children to be equipped to succeed in life.

We are calling out to you for help. Please give us, your people, the wisdom and tangible strategies to turn this situation around. (James 1:5) We know that nothing is impossible with you so we are asking you to come to our aid. (Luke 1:37) Help us to engage this problem with vision and passion. Raise up a sustainable movement in the midst of our city to address this critical need head on.

Thank you for the many mentoring programs that enable local churches to adopt and care for at-risk students. We see the tangible fruit as 99.3% of students with a mentor demonstrate academic improvement. Thank you that every independent school district in Greater Houston is welcoming the church to provide mentors for students. Bless these efforts and multiply them until every at-risk child is served across our community. All of this we ask in your name, the name of Jesus, and for the sake of the children of our city.

Can We Be The Answer?

Check out the many mentoring programs available across our community.

Neighborhood Centers (

Kids Hope USA (

Cy Fair ISD Partners in Education (

Tomball ISD (Mentors)

Klein ISD (Volunteers)

At the Faith Summit at St. Martin’s last week, one of the presenters was from Mission CyFair. Mission Cy-Fair was started by a Cypress church, Lifepath, as a way to put faith into action. If you want to amazed with what God can do through a handful of faithful people, see where the ministry is today. What could God have in mind for St. Mary’s?

As individuals, many of us can offer our time through volunteering in schools, one student at a time, one hour at a time. Many businesses give employees time to volunteer in schools near their place of business. What could God have in mind for you? For me?

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