Saying the J-word

This past week I got the privilege of joining with the Commission on Ministry (the group that interviews and discerns the call of those seeking ordination and then makes recommendations to the bishop) to hear the stories of eight men and women. They shared with us the precious and fragile gift of their understanding of their call to the priesthood.  It was a holy time.

One of the conversations we always have with those seeking holy orders is about their relationship with the Triune God, and most specifically, with God the Son, Jesus the Christ.  I am always struck by how easy, or how challenging it is, for folks to do this–particularly because they have discerned a call to serve in ordained leadership in Christ’s very Body, the Church.  How can we preach and proclaim the Gospel if we can’t talk about Jesus?

In my preparation for preaching this week, I read a commentary (Feasting on the Word) written on the Sunday Gospel by Lee Barrett.  Lee wrote, “Jesus is the presence of the tranformative power of God.”

One way of teasing out who Jesus is for me is to look at my life and see where it has been transformed by the power of God.  This is the place that proclaims who Jesus is to me.  For me.  With me.

Where has Jesus transformed your life?  Who is the Jesus your life proclaims?

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