Valentines Everywhere

One of the things I do to stay healthy is to make greeting cards.  My best friend and I started card-making together over fifteen years ago when she still lived in Houston.  Even though she now lives in Georgia, we still plan trips that will have card-making as a planned activity.  Every Advent we go to New Mexico for a week and make Advent (not Christmas!) cards.  Every Lent we go to Tybee Island, Georgia, and make Lent (not Easter!) cards.  Being a priest, I do love to be liturgically correct.

When she lived in Houston, my friend and I  made cards regularly. Since she moved to Georgia, my card-making is more haphazard.  It has dropped off now that I usually have to create cards all on my own. God knew what God was doing when God created us to live in community!

Making cards is a kind of therapy. Last summer we were on a trip and one of us was feeling grumpy.  We had a great idea to create some everyday cards.  The process of creating something, especially something beautiful, to give to someone else, is one of the best ways to move from a cranky place to one of peace and joy.  But of course, creating is part of being made in the image of God, the Great Creator.  But of course, Jesus did say to love our neighbor, and what neighbor doesn’t love receiving a beautiful handmade card? (Okay, there was a person once at church who said not to bother her with a card, but that’s another blog.)

My best friend came over for a couple of days at the end of January with two purposes:  to see all the movies we wanted to see in preparation for the Oscars and to make Valentines.  In two days we packed in three movies and a stack of Valentines (though, I must admit, some of mine are waiting for their stamps and will be day or days after Valentines).

I often  like to put Bible verses on my cards.  I finally found one that I especially like for Valentine’s:
Just as water reflects the face, so one human heart reflects another.
Proverbs 27. 19
May you see a beautiful reflection in the face of those you meet today.
Valentine’s Day blessings!

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