Touched by Grace

In 2003, I became part of a group of 30 women clergy chosen by the Lilly Foundation for a Sustaining Pastoral Excellence Grant. For the next three years, we pastors gathered at Our Lady of Grace Monastery, a Benedictine monastery in Beech Grove, Indiana twice yearly for ten day retreats. Our seventh retreat was in Italy, walking in the steps of St. Benedict and St. Scholastica ( brother and sister). It was life-changing.

We got a follow-up grant for two more retreats at the monastery, and several of us became oblates of Our Lady of Grace, committing to follow a Benedictine rule of life back home. Another 40 women have been part of Women Touched by Grace sequels, and so the joy continues.

Today starts WTBG I’s first reunion. About two-thirds of us will be returning to live in community once again for the next six days.

Prayers with the sisters at 5.45 in their chapel– it’s so very good to be home.

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