A Walk of Grace

To celebrate their fiftieth anniversary, the sisters of Our Lady of Grace converted their tennis court into a labyrinth. Walking it each day has been as much a part of my daily prayers as Morning, Noonday, and Evening Praise with the sisters in their chapel.

It’s spring in Indiana, so every day’s walk is different. The first day’s began in drizzle that turned to sunshine by the end of the walk.

On Thursday, it was cold and windy, and I walked all bundled up. I was joined by another prayer walker, and we bowed at one another as we made room for the other to walk by as our path’s crossed.

On Friday it was so warm that I walked without any wrap at all. I walked the labyrinth rather quickly in preparation for a session of healing touch with one of the sisters.

Today is cool and gray, and I’ll need to walk soon to avoid possible rain.

Each step is a prayer; each step is full of grace.

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