Humility at Our Lady of Grace

Oversleeping the first morning of my oblate retreat at Our Lady of Grace Monastery having set my alarm for tomorrow and forgetting today.

But God got me up just in time. Quickly putting on a pair of jeans and quickly brushing my teeth, I walked showerless, coffeeless, and break–fasting to Morning Praise. My first meal of the day therefore being the Bread of Heaven and the Cup of Salvation and my first words, Lord open our lips and our mouth shall declare your praise. 
The time following worship on our schedule was set aside for “reading and reflection”. My reading and reflection was doing mindful getting ready for the day. Finding food for a silent meal, and then finding even more food when I went to our first session.  Rather than no food at all, I found a feast. 

It’s very cold and rainy, but my phone predicts dry weather before the next session. There’s a labyrinth still to walk and the beginning of fall colors to enjoy. 

And our chapter in the Rule of St.Benedifct that is our study this week? Chapter Seven:  Humility. A very good place to stop and pray. 

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