Cold, Drizzle, Snow, Rain

I did get to walk the labyrinth this afternoon. It was coat, hat, wool scarf, and gloves weather.

A short way in, a light drizzle began.  A way further and the drizzle turned into snow. I laughed with delight. 
My laughter turned all too quickly into the fastest labyrinth walk ever as the snow became a downpour of cold, cold rain. 

A few moments later, never had a cup of chai tea tasted better!
I’ve also learned a new prayer style using an iPhone app called Word Collage. I’ll end with a meditation based on the words of Julian of Norwich:
(Here are the actual words:  
Thanking is a true understanding of who we really are. 
With reverence and awe we turn ourselves around toward the working  that our Good Lord incites us to do, enjoying and thanking with our real selves. 
True thanking is to enjoy God.)

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