Sunrise prayers

Today is the last day on Tybee Island, and 

was up before sunrise again for another walk on the beach. Today I carried my St. Mary’s prayer list with me, and battling winds that would have blown away the pages of names of those I carry everywhere with me in my heart, I walked and prayed. Holding tight. 

The first email of the day had been from a parishioner whose brother had died last night. This leaves many extra challenges in her life, and I carried her in prayer.  
The friend with which I travel has a dear friend, a priest, who was placed on hospice last night. I carry him and those he loves in prayer with her. 

For my family, one by one. For the leaders of St. Mary’s. For each member of the parish. For friends so dear. 
Each step on the beach, as light changes colors and fills, a prayer. 

As my prayer walk ended, a congregation of birds had gathered. Usually ready to fly at the first approaching footstep, these stayed in community, mostly looking in the same direction. A little church of shorebirds. 
Good morning, God, this is your day. I am your child. Please show me your way. AMEN. 

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